From Chile Chico, 30 kms to the south, you can find the first entrance to the Patagonia National Park: The Moon Valley Trail or “Circuito Cueva de las Manos –Valle Lunar”.

This is the atraction to visit, if you have a day in Chile Chico and want to see something unique. Different from all the landscapes in Patagonia.

This is a 5 hours walk , which starts from a parking lot at 700 meters altitude. It allows to appreciate very special 350 million years old rock formations, much older than the Andes Range.

Starting clockwise, you will reach “La Piedra Enclavada” , following a trail though a canyon of glacial origin.

Then you cross a small saddle and just descending, a little further down is Cueva de las Manos. Cave paintings dating back 9000 years.

From there you continue the trail down to Valle Lunar, with a landscape of diverse colors and a view of the entire Jeinimeni River Valley…. From there it is only down to the parking lot.

In short, Moon Valley o  Valle Lunar – Cueva de las Manos, is a really great attraction, with an archaeological, geological and landscape beauty of the highest level.

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Patagonia Huts offers a Two Days Hiking Adventure in Patagonia National Park, from Campamento Ñandú. And we provide transportation to the Park.

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